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Logo Opening of the Heart ° Singing Circle



With Suyana & Christian Weiss (Tabla)

We are coming together
To listen to the soft whispers of our hearts, and to the wisdom of our higher selves...
To be moved by the magic and mystery of singing mantras...
And to experience deep gratitude for life itself

RECONNECTING with Healing Vibrations
These circles guide you to deeply reconnect with yourself and to tune into the healing vibrations of the heart. The space that is opened is an invitation to return to your essence.

Suyana will guide you to tune into the energetic field that is created, and surrender to a place of deep release, rejuvenation, and re-calibration. Everyone (whether you’re an experienced singer or never sing) can join this co-creation through his or her presence and awareness, sharing their essence through unified sound-vibration..

The voice is the instrument of instruments and in these evening you will be guided to use your own voice as medicine for your body, heart and soul. This is where the alignment of ‘body & soul’ happens and through direct experience the magic is felt … when all voices come together, raise as one; when all hearts open and each person tunes into the sacred flow of sound healing vibration…

As we build up the energy of the circle, we will end with a sound-ceremony for all that have asked for healing or support and who's names will be placed on the healing altar in the center of the circle. In this way we will share the fruits of this beautiful gathering with many worldwide and together bring healing, love and peace, honoring that we are all connected.

...Welcome in this sacred space that is ‘Opening of the Heart’.

o PLACE: FOKUS, Neubaugasse 44, 1070 Wien
o DATE:  11/1, 8/2, 8/3 (8/3 IS NOT IN FOKUS) , 5/4
o BRING: water bottle
o HEALING REQUESTS: As a participant you may bring names of people that request healing to place on the altar. Please make sure you have their explicit permission to do so.

o You can register at this FB event on the top of this page. Each circle is open so you are welcome to bring friends or show up without notice.


Website www.suyana.net

(go to:       Website www.suyana.net/calendar.html     for more CONCERTS, OPENING OF THE VOICE, WOMENS CIRCLES, ...)

:To listen:
Website www.suyana.bandcamp.com

“I want to take you with me on this journey to dive deep inside and spread your wings high and wide, embracing the beauty of our true Self, and coming home into our own Hearts.”

Fr., 22. Mrz., 19:30 - 21:30 Uhr

o Vienna Kirtan School

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BildChristian Weiss – Initiator der Vienna Kirtan School
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